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All the information on my websites is such that I can rely on it.

The principle I stick with is that everything I write must be objective, in detail and verifiable. Simply put: ODEI

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Everything about bicycles

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Everything about the digital ocean

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Questions, answers and discussions (mostly bike and computer related)

Why is this called BikeGremlin?

What is Mostly harmless™ ?


BikeGremlin project started in 2015, as a way for Relja Novović to publish his notes online.

Over the years, it has grown into something bigger, but still remained true to its original spirit:

Publishing objective, informative and tutorial articles and videos on various topics. ODEI™ as it’s “officially” called now.

BikeGremlin Workshop address

BikeGremlin Workshop Address

If you wish to drop by for consulting, or coffee

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BikeGremlin’s Blog

Personal stuff & nonsense, ten pence philosophy

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BikeGremlin Webshop

Cool stuff and services


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If you need any help, advice or information, see the BikeGremlin consulting pages.

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