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For questions regarding an article on one of my sites, it’s best to use the comment section below that article.

For questions related to one of my YouTube videos (or any of my articles), use the forum.

BikeGremlin Forum

YouTube is very bad at dealing with comments (I don’t always get notified when there’s a question). Just state which video you are referring to if the question is about a particular aspect of the video.

You could also use one of the great forums for any general questions:

  • Cycling-related in English: – the best cycling-related forum in the world.
  • Cycling-related in Serbocroatian: – the best cycling-related forum in Serbocroatian.
  • IT and computer-related: LowEndSpirit forum.

Time spent answering questions
on the website and YouTube channel – stats according to Clockify.

For spam protection, I must manually approve your comment before it is published – so it will not display immediately.

I generally reply to questions within a few weeks or so, in order: first asked, first answered.

If you need more urgent support (or just wish to support my work):
By paying $8, you’ll get a priority reply (your question is first in line).

Link for “buying” the priority support

BikeGremlin priority support
BikeGremlin priority support

For a more direct support/consulting, via a video call, or a phone (Viber / Whatsapp), see my consulting page.

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